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What is considered appropriate proof of eligibility?

Proof of eligibility should provide information to show that the organization and program or project are eligible as defined in the criteria in the definitions in AT 1836.

For example, accreditation document, charter document, or state or federal business registration may provide proof that the business was formed and meets the organizational criteria.

When there are program requirements like a library providing community services or a TAP, documentation such as website screen shot, brochures, recipient application form or criteria, or other printed or published material that shows the organization manages a project or program that fits the criteria would provide proof of eligibility.

Keep in mind that when Refurbisher does not need to retain or provide to Microsoft any individual personal information.

If a TPR only orders 200 units of Citizenship Windows 10 licenses in a month, can they order 250 units of Citizenship Microsoft Office in that month?

No, the TPR can only order 200 units of Microsoft Office. The maximum quantity of Office is whatever quantity is ordered of Citizenship Windows licenses for that month.

How can a MAR get an exception to distribute more than 250 units of Citizenship Windows licenses to a TPR in a month?

An exception request can be submitted by a MAR through their Microsoft account manager by emailing the following information:

- TPR Name
- Product
- Windows 10 Pro Citizenship, or
- Windows 10 Pro Citizenship + Microsoft Office 2019
- Quantity requested.
- Timeframe
- Justification - explain the deal or circumstances that warrants an increase in maximum quantity, include eligible recipient (the organization) information with proof of eligibility, and letter on letterhead from organization that explains the need for the additional quantity of units.

If Microsoft approves the exception, the MAR will receive a waiver letter with the terms of the exception, via email, to the primary licensing contact.

What if a program is not eligible as a TAP (Technology Access Program)?

If a program is not eligible as a TAP, then customer systems with Microsoft Office may not be distributed through that program. Citizenship Windows licenses may still be available depending on whether the program fits within one of the other eligibility criteria.

You can redirect your partners to the following locations to access Office for nonprofits & charities:

Download free Office at

Nononprofit/charity can reach out to Microsoft Philanthropies directly at

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