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The type of license a TPR should use is determined by who will receive the refurbished computer. Learn more about which product fits your mission and specific use case using the links below:

Citizenship Licenses

Citizenship licenses of Windows 10 Professional are available to be purchased and installed on computers for eligible recipients, which means (1) an Eligible Charitable Organization, (2) an Eligible Academic User, (3) a Specially Approved Recipient, or (4) Technology Access Program (TAP).

Citizenship licenses of Microsoft Office 2019 (on-machine install) are available to be installed on computers for Technology Access Programs (TAP) where the end customer is a qualified individual which includes a person (1) in a community with limited access to technology, (2) has a disability, or (3) is a member of a low-income family.

Examples of ways to identify low-income include those:

  1. receiving state benefits based on need;
  2. receiving aid from an Intergovernmental Organization; or
  3. in a country defined as a low-income economy by the World Bank.

NOTE: Due to changes to the program, nonprofits are no longer eligible for Citizenship licenses of Microsoft Office.

  Windows Office
Eligible Academic Users  
Eligible Charitable Organizations  
Specially Approved Recipients  
Technology Access Program (TAP)

Commercial Licenses

Commercial licenses of Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Professional available to be purchased and installed on refurbished computers for all types of end users. All refurbished computers must be at least 6 months old and have a valid, pre-existing Windows Certificate of Authenticity.

Monthly Limit

The initial monthly maximum allowance of Citizenship licenses a new TPR can order is 250 units of Windows and 250 units of Microsoft Office. NOTE: The monthly quantity of Microsoft Office licenses must be equal to or lesser than Windows licenses. Information on increasing monthly license purchases can be found here.


  • Citizenship Windows 10 Professional - $6/license
  • Citizenship Microsoft Office 2019 - $6/license
  • Commercial Windows 10 Home - $13/license
  • Commercial Windows 10 Professional - $23/license

Shipping Fees Per Order

  • 1,000+ Licenses: Free
  • 100-999 Licenses: $5.00
  • 21-100 Licenses: $8.50
  • 1-20 Licenses: $10

Email to arrange for expedited shipping.

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